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“I am a memory preserver; I am a teller of stories…”

I am Vicki, a family photographer with a difference serving the North East. I will come and visit you in your own home, or a favourite place to hang out, and capture natural photos for you to treasure.

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Your family is special. There is no other family quite like yours anywhere else on the planet. So why would you want photographs of your family that are the same as everyone else’s? I will see what it is that makes your family so beautifully unique and capture that for you. Some photographers have already decided how your family photos will look before they have even met you. They have chosen where you will stand and walk. The time of day has been chosen based on the position of the sun rather than the toddler’s routine. The colour of your coordinated outfits has been picked out.

But I want to photograph the real you. I don’t want you to look back on your photos in years to come and think ‘Who was that? Where was that taken? What were we even doing there?’ I want you to look at the pictures on your walls and remember bath bubbles on noses, sticky fingers and marks on windows. I want you to see the hand-knitted cardigans, the Lego on the floor and the battered old trampoline that was used morning, noon and night.

“We loved the photos you took of us last summer. We thought we’d get a couple more (frames) to complement the ones we have. It’s so hard to choose though, there are so many brilliant ones!” – A

If having an authentic record of your family’s story is important to you give me a call today!

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