Your family is made up of beautiful, colourful  individuals – so why not have family photos that reflect that?

Documentary Family Photographer in County Durham

Would you love a family photoshoot but struggle to find a photographer that will capture the true character of your family?

Do you love the idea of family photos that are interesting, authentic and totally ‘you’?

Would you like to have a family photoshoot that is as easy as a lazy Sunday morning? No special outfits, no posing or cheesy smiles – just quality family time to look back on.

If you love the funny little faces your child makes and the quirky little things they do…

If you believe that grubby feet and sticky faces are evidence of fun had…

If you are the sort of family that heads out on adventures together whatever the weather…

If you believe that play and laughter are more important than a spotless house…

If you want your family photos to tell a story not just look pretty…

Then you are in the right place!

young girl in green dress eating a ripe strawberry in county durham

Take a Look!

Not sure what sort of photos you could get without someone directing you? Come and have a look at my Family Sessions page to see what a documentary family photography session can look like…

northumberland family having fun in garden with the hose for photoshoot

Preserve your family’s story in all its unique beauty – natural photography for real families!

I come to your home, or your favourite place to hang out, and I spend anything from a couple of hours to a full day capturing all the wonderful details of your life. I promise, you will never have a more chilled out family photoshoot.

photo of mum and dad playing with child
mother wiping a child's face captured at a birthday photoshoot in county durham

Real Life

Sticky faces, grubby feet, discarded toys and even laundry mountains… You’ll be surprised just how much you will miss them when they are gone!

sling wearing mum and toddler taken at a beach photoshoot in northumberland

Natural Moments

Imagine a relaxed photography experience with no posing. Where your toddler can be themselves without being forced to perform or to smile on cue.

mother on sofa with children crawling about around her in home photography session

Honest Emotions

Family life is hectic, wonderful, funny, boring and exhausting. And that’s how you will want to remember it with all its ups and downs.

toddler with their head inside mum's top as mum makes lunch funny moment in family photoshoot

Authentic Connections

You know how your toddler follows you everywhere, even to the toilet? If I said that in years to come you will look back on it fondly would you believe me?

detail photo of child's trainers covered in sand from the beach

” Vicki  was incredibly intuitive and respectful. The photos she captured are so natural and unforced, and really capture our real-life selves, without any of the awkwardness so often seen in studio portraits. I’d recommend her highly.”   Kate



I am a coffee-chugging, olive-obsessed visual artist. I love to draw and paint, as well as taking photographs. I love books, lists and starting new projects, oh and olives… did I mention the olives? My happy place is behind the lens. Find out more about your photographer here.

mum pulling laughing baby back by nappy shot by durham documentary family photographer
grandparents and grandchildren in black and white at a photoshoot in county durham countryside
portrait of young boy laughing in a hammock
black and white documentary image of a meal with grandparents laughing
child relaxing in a blue paddling pool with eyes closed

Family  photography  with  a  difference…  no  posing,  no  filters,  no  gimmicks;   just  your  family’s  story  captured  in  authentic  and  timeless  photos.

Find Out More

Would you like to find out more about how a documentary family photography session actually works?

Where do sessions take place?

How long is a session?

What happens during a session?

What packages do I offer?

Find the answers over on my Family Sessions page.

family looking up and pointing at the sky