Documentary Family Photographer, County Durham, UK

A family photographer that captures…

Real life. Natural moments. Honest emotions. Authentic connections.

The story of your family…

child laughing at dinner table with grandparents

Do you want beautiful photos of your family, but just never get around to booking a professional photographer?

If you have arrived here, the chances are you are looking for a family photographer. But how do you go about choosing one from all the photographers out there?

Let’s see if this sounds familiar…

You know how important it is to preserve memories of loved ones. You want photographs that really capture everyone’s individual personalities. You want to be able to relax and not have to pose and wrangle your children into awkward group shots. You want to remember the small details of family life as it really is, right now.

In the past year we have been given a sober reminder that things can change quickly and we don’t get a do-over. Sometimes waiting for another day back fires and before we know it an opportunity is missed. What if the only family photos we have to look back on are silly, filtered selfies and awkward group shots that no one wants to be in, but that grandma always insists upon? Well thank goodness for Grandma, because otherwise we probably wouldn’t have any photographs where everyone is present, willingly or not!

mum and dad holding son and laughing

Maybe ‘now’ is the right time…

You’ve been saying it for years… ‘We must get some proper family photos taken!’

But life is busy, and you just never get around to it. And maybe if you leave it another few months you’ll have lost a few pounds, or you’ll have had the sitting room re-decorated, or the toddler will be a little less bonkers…. There is always a reason to put it off for now. But if we have learned anything from the weirdness of 2020/21, it is that putting things off until later is a risky business.

child's hand baking and sticky with cake batter

You don’t have to be perfect, you just need to be perfectly you!

Now, what if I told you that there was a style of photography that does not rely on perfect bodies, show homes or well behaved children to get shots that you will fall in love with, print BIG and treasure forever? It’s true! I give you… Documentary Family Photography; where the crazy, imperfections of your life become art.

And that’s where I come in…

I’m Vicki, and I’d love to be your friendly, family photographer. But a family photographer with a difference. For a start, I will never, ever, ever ask you to say ‘cheese’. In fact you don’t have to smile for me, or look at me, or even (if you really want) talk to me; I’m an introvert so I won’t mind! A family session with me will feel just like an ordinary day, hopefully a great day, but one just like many others. That way you can capture real memories of your very real lives; not a fake memory of a one-off moment somewhere pretty that holds absolutely no meaning to you our your little tribe.

toddler inside a huge bubble

A ‘free-from’ family session…

I can promise you a photography session completely free-from fancy posing, perfect smiles, forced merriment and matching neutral outfits (whoever decided cream was a great colour for families never had young children!) Instead, I will find beauty in the littlest of things; the thoughtful gazes, the belly laughs, the tired tears, the small gestures and touches. Sticky faces, grubby feet, discarded toys and piles of laundry. I allow my camera to look beyond the surface and bring out the heart of who you are. I will capture your family’s story and preserve its unique beauty. When this moment is just a distant memory, you will have images that will take you back there in an instant.

Why are you here?

You have got this far. You have found my website and you have scrolled down to here because you know you need to do this. You already appreciate how important photographs are. You have photos that you treasure of times long gone. You don’t really need to be told how important it is to take images of your loved ones. I am preaching to the converted, aren’t I? But I have a theory… You are the person in your family that values photographs the most. You are the keeper of your family memories, the curator of your family’s history. You are the password holder; the album maker. But it probably means that you are not in those photos. Am I right? You are the one that whips out their phone to capture the funny moments, to record the milestones, to grab pictures to send to friends and family of the small and the big achievements. Which is the very reason you need me, because nine times out of ten, those photos will NOT have you in them. And that is something I can give you – a place in your family’s story. It doesn’t have to be the starring role, but you NEED to be in there.

mum pulling laughing toddler back by nappy

So what does a Documentary Family Photographer actually do?

I want you to think about which moments of your day best tell your family’s story. When you look back on this moment in time, what do you you really want to remember?

Is it a lazy Sunday morning with sleepy, tousled-haired children helping you to cook pancakes, followed by pulling on wellies for a walk in the rain? Maybe it’s the evening routine of laying a table, eating together, baths and stories and cuddles? Or perhaps it’s the relaxed family walk with the teenagers; without their phones you get to see their fun side as they run down a hill, pick the wildflowers, and maybe even laugh at dad’s jokes!

That’s what a documentary family photographer does, they capture those moments for you. And you’ll be in them too! My job is to record the ordinary, the everyday wonderfulness of your life in a beautiful way.

You will be surprised by just how beautiful your every-day life really is.

girl untangling a kite stood against a clear blue sky

How long does a family session last and how much will it cost?

That is entirely up to you, and which parts of your day are most special to you. When you look back on this time in your life, what do you want to remember? Is it the lazy Saturday mornings with a leisurely family breakfast? Or would you like to document fun bath times and bedtime stories? Maybe you are an outdoorsy family, and you want family walks in nature captured? I can come to you at the time of day that works for you.

Take a look at the different session options here. Which one do you think would produce the images that you are going to love?

Vicki came to our home for a family photo session with my 2 children and I. She was incredibly intuitive with the children, and respectful of their feelings relating to being photographed, ensuring there was no pressure to smile. The photos she captured are so natural and unforced, and really capture our real-life selves, without any of the awkwardness so often seen in studio portraits. I’d recommend her highly, and will be asking her to take some more pictures of us soon.” Kate

Would you like to find out more about working with a documentary family photographer? I would love to chat with you about what you can expect. You can contact me via my Facebook page or via the Contact Form.

Would you like to know more about the person behind the camera? Find out a little bit more about your family photographer and what makes me tick here.

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