Capture the Spirit of your Event with an Event Photography Package

So you have spent lots of time and effort planning a fantastic event; it is going to be a day to remember…  But only if you have the photos to remember it by!

You might be able to grab a few photos with your phone while running around like a mad thing ironing out all the last minute hiccups, but you know they won’t really do all your hard work justice.

That is where I come in!

I can capture all the wonderful moments as they happen, while you get to actually enjoy the event you have worked so hard to put on.

My candid images are ideal to tell the story of your event and can be used on your website, social media channels and be shared with your participants.

I have packages starting from just £100 for community events, so there is no excuse for not capturing the full story of your event.

circus show stage photo

” These are beautiful, thank you so much for capturing the atmosphere so perfectly! ” 

Freya (Show Choreographer) 

” Shooting festivals is overwhelming at times, there’s just too much happening to get everything!  [This] is exactly what we were looking for, fantastic work! ” Bryce (Festival Organiser)

The Packages

Before deciding which package would suit your event best, you need to consider how long you would like a photographer to be there and which aspects of the event you most want captured.

(Please note, I DO NOT cover weddings.)

Private or Commercial Events

Community Group, Charity or CIC Events

All packages include both high-resolution and web-sized images to download from an online gallery. 

Oooooh! These are lush! Thank you so much. Just perfect for sharing online! ”  Toni

Event Gallery