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Photo Fantastico Submissions

Photo Fantastico is a “prompt-based photo contest for professional photographers from all corners of the globe.”

It is important for me as a visual artist to experiment with different techniques and ways of photographing. When I came across Photo Fantastic in 2020 it brought to mind the car treasure hunts that my family and I used to go on when I was a kid. The thrill of receiving the clues ad the hunt for the answers, followed by the fun of meeting up with everyone to see what they had come up with.

Photo Fantastico is just that, a treasure hunt; frantic search within my creative brain for the ‘answers’ to clues.

The five clues, or photo prompts, are usually revealed on a Monday and then photographers have about three days to come up with an image based on each clue. The set of five photos must be sent in by the deadline. The day we get to see all of the images that were made by the other entrants. This is the best bit! To see how everyone else has interpreted the clues is utterly fascinating.

You can see all my past Photo Fantastico submissions in the galleries below, including my winning set from March 2021.

March 2021

I was truly thrilled and honoured to receive Overall Winner for this round of the competition, as well as Prompt Winner for ‘Disco’.

Clues: Tethered, Maximum Color, Behind The Scenes, Disco, Revival

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November 2020

Clues: Worth Repeating, Dreamscape, Spot Color, Companionship, Such Great Heights

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July 2020

Clues: Highs and Lows, Street Scene, AM/PM, Unexpected Visitor, How Fabulous!

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