Real Life Family Photography

Real life family photography is a whole new way of approaching the family photoshoot. No posing, no forced smiles, no matching outfits. Just you and your loved ones hanging out and having fun in a totally authentic and natural way. Find out more about my Family Sessions here.

small child walking through the sand dunes in northumberland bright clothes
twin girls sit on their father and uncles shoulders at a photography session in county durham
brother and sister hugging with smiles on their faces
child hangs upside down from monkey bars
detail shot of child eating a chocolate muffin
family climbing over a style on an outdoor photoshoot
slow shutter image of siblings on swings in garden family photography session
relaxed family photo shoot black and white of mum dad and son
children baking with a grandmother rolling out biscuits at the kitchen table
documentary family photography shoot in county durham for a birthday event
detail shot of child squeezing paint onto a large blue canvas
documentary family photography in home session
child at the dinner table eating scrambled egg with large bottle of ketchup
child relaxing in a blue paddling pool with eyes closed
slow shutter photo of brother and sister in a colourful hammock
father puts socks on a grumpy toddler during a documentary family photography session
family putting rhubarb leaves on their heads as hats during a family photography session
detail of mother and child's feet on bed in the evening sun
black and white of brother and sister eating a picnic at an out door family photoshoot
a pair of feet upside down
a group of children blow out a birthday candle at an outdoor family birthday photoshoot
family of four at a beach photoshoot
mum multitasking at a documentary family photography session
black and white portrait of a child
a pile of mum and kids on the grass
mum pushes fair haired toddler on a swing
family playing a game of block stacking on a photoshoot
children playing on a trampoline for a family photoshoot
mother lifting toddler to the top of slide in garden photoshoot
mum pulling laughing baby back by nappy shot by durham documentary family photographer
children making giant bubbles in a park
environmental portrait of a child with a pink balloon
toddler looking towards sea withe rest of family paddling
child makes breakfast with pyjamas over head
family playing a card game with children in background playing with trains
child in sand dunes with wet hair

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