The first few weeks of a new baby’s life is usually a bit of a blur for new parents. I think I was so busy ensuring my little one was fed, clean and happy that I hardly took a single photo until they were a few months old. Looking back I would have loved a beautiful portrait to remember that fleeting newborn stage.

But handing over our precious bundles to a photographer can be nerve-wracking for parents. That is why, at the start of 2018, I underwent Newborn training under the watchful, and extremely experienced eye of Claire Elliot of

‘Newborn and Baby Photography Training by Claire’.

This course covered everything from wrapping baby to equipment and styling. But the most important aspect of the course was safety. Despite having had two babies of my own, it was extremely important for me to know that the posing I would be doing with my little models was safe, and to learn the best ways to keep them happy in the studio.